2 Advantages To Sending Your Child To A Private Religious School

Sending your child to private school could be a great option for your family. Some of the best options out there are religious private schools. Many parents prefer religious private schools for a variety of reasons; here are advantages to attending a religious private school.

1. The Parents Have More Control

One of the main reasons that parents choose private schools is because they have more control over aspects of education. For example, public schools have to adhere to government standards. In order to get funding, a public school must teach the curriculum that the state has chosen. Because a private school doesn't accept money from the government, they can choose their own curriculum. This means that if you don't like a curriculum, like common core, you can attend a private school where there is no common core curriculum.

Additionally, the parents have more say over the faculty and staff. Because the parents are paying the salary of the teachers, they play an integral role in deciding who is hired and who is not. Thus, if you are displeased with a teacher, a principle, or an administrator you can work with the other parents to find a better candidate who fits the needs and the mission of the school better.

Lastly, the parents have more control in the classroom because they play a more present role in the education process. Many times the parents will be allowed into the classroom to help with assignments, parties and everyday tasks. By being present in your child's educational setting, you can ensure the environment and curriculum are an appropriate fit for your child.

2. Strong Traditional Values Are Taught

One of the main complaints of parents and the school system is that God is being taken out of the curriculum. If you are a religious family, you may want your child to attend a school where the class prays together, God is acknowledged, and the traditional religious values that you treasure at home are also valued in the school.

Many religious private schools have special time set aside for scripture study, they promote respect, faith, service and other Christian values. Not only will your child receive a great academic education, but they will also build their faith and their character while attending school.

These are just a few of the many reasons that parents are choosing to enroll their children in religious private schools. Talk to one in your area, like St Anne's Catholic School, to learn more about these benefits and whether it would be a good fit for your child.